Tests and surveys

Polls and tests will help you to access knowledge and get feedback. Learn what attendees think, offer surveys and voting

What's this?

Polls are an effective means of interacting with attendees. With the help of polls and tests, you can collect the necessary information about your clients and their preferences, get feedback about your services or check how well the students cope with the learning materials.

How does it work?

  1. In your webinar room, proceed to Documents and then to the Polls tab
  2. Write your question and several options for the answer
  3. Start the poll. Users will see a popup window with the poll, which disappears when the user selects one of the offered variants
  4. Review the results

Advantages of polls and tests?

You can create polls and tests even during the webinar

You can create and edit an unlimited number of polls and tests

Combine polls and tests with any other operation mode in the room

Launch tests after the webinar to check the learning progress

Create a set of tests and polls and repeat them for different groups

Analyze the responses and assess the results of each attendee.

Polls will make your webinars more interactive and engaging, while tests will increase the level and effectiveness of your classes.

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