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4 Best Email Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Email marketing

The pandemic has led to a constantly changing world. In it, taking things online has become a norm rather than just an additional resource for people doing business. Online events are no different. Hosting events virtually has opened up countless business opportunities, from reaching out to different audiences to cutting down expenses.

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Effective Team for Holding Webinars

team for webinar

If you ever have hosted a webinar, you must have learned that preparation takes a huge amount of time and lots of effort. You prepare a checklist for the event which may include preparing a keynote, setting up a webinar room and inviting attendees, however, this is not enough! Hosting a webinar can not be a one-man show, you should have a team behind your back, taking care of at least some part of these tasks.

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Incredible Marketing Strategies for E-learning Courses

marketing strategies for E-Learning courses

E-learning has become one of the most potent ways of learning in this era. The prime reason behind the same is the emergence of the covid-19. The pandemic brought a sudden strike in demand for online courses. Indeed, online courses also existed earlier, but the demand was deficient. With the growing seriousness of the pandemic, the demand for E-learning automatically took a steep rise with the evolving spread of the deadly virus.

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Choosing Webinar Date. What Is the Best Time for a Webinar?


Research has shown that webinars held on Mondays and Fridays are less visited than those held on other days of the week. Other polls state that attendance is low on Tuesdays. At MyOwnConference, we believe that people can attend your webinar even on a Friday night if they see it’s worth it. So, having studied the research, we arrived at our own conclusions.

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